Into him I see (Intimacy)

Have you noticed how we have been trapped by the business of life that time management has become our everyday challenge.

Our to-do list has been drafted in priority order and is so full, we are always in a rush between school, work, home, children and many other activities we are indulge in. But the thing is that most of us has prioritise other things and relationship over the relationship, intimacy, and time that we need to spend with God.

You can talk to God throughout the day in an ongoing conversation while you are at work, at school, or anywhere. A growing love relationship with God is build when you spend time alone with Him, enjoying his presence, communicate freely with him and listen to his voice and draw near him each day.

Nicky Gumbel writes, ‘There is no safer place, nothing more valuable in life and nothing that this world offers that can compare with the intimate presence of God – seeing his face’

The scriptures shows us how awesome it is in Matthew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Set a time and try to stick to it. Find the place, set the atmosphere (your favorite worship songs). Talk to God, pour out to him, take your bible and let him him talk to you.

Join me in committing to spend time with God out of our love for Him and include Him into every aspect of our life.

Do not make it a Law but instead make it Fun.

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